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Thank you to everyone who contributed and joined us for our August concert and fundraiser. We made a big dent in our fundraising goal, earning almost $10,000. We're now refining the script, completing the remainder of the songs and recruiting for a director, music director and choreographer in support of the 2020 workshop. We're still hoping to raise an additional $5,000 for the workshop, so please check out our gear and contributions page. 

Thanks Again!  

The Story

The setting is the U.S. Military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In an effort to address shifting public sentiment, the top generals decide to allow openly gay men to serve but only on the condition they all serve together in one single unit: Golf Company.

Major Shepard is a war hero who is outed by his best friend and subsequently put in command of Golf Company against his wishes. When Golf Company's hetero counterpart botches an important mission in Syria, Shepard and his men are thrust into the most dangerous rescue mission in modern military history, fighting not just for their country, but for their pride.

Book by Matt Dho and Emery Wager

Music and lyrics by Jared Baron Spears

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